Kung Fu in the UK

“We are a full time Kung Fu School located in Crawley, West Sussex dedicated to enhancing Children’s lives.

The Kung Fu School teaches authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu, self defence at its best. More than just fitness & fun. It develops discipline, focus, concentration, self confidence, self esteem, perseverance, thoughtfulness, kindness in fact all aspects of positive personality traits. You can make the decision to give your child an advantage in life whilst doing a fantastic activity. Kung Fu Schools will give each child a period of four weeks lessons at no charge in order for you to see the benefits for yourself.


4-7 Year Olds

Self Esteem, Confidence, discipline and self defence are just many of the benefits associated with Kung Fu.

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7-12 Year Olds


Studies have shown that during pre-school and early elementary school years, children are building 8 fundamental skills that are essential to their growth and development. These skills include focus, teamwork, control, memory, balance, discipline, fitness and coordination.
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Birthday Parties

It improves grace, increases eye/hand co-ordination, augments flexibility, teaches courage, expresses movement & form & promotes health.

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All of our instructors and assistant instructors believe that Kung Fu training is the BEST way to develop yourself in every way this, in fact it’s what drew them to the Kung Fu School and keeps them here.

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